Mio MiVue 658 WiFi

Mio MiVue 658 WiFi

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Режим на записSuper HD camera


Максимална апертура f/1.8
Зрителен ъгъл150 градуса


Максимална резолюция на видеото2304 x 1296
FPS при макс. резолюция30 кадъра/сек
Видео форматMP4

Снимачни опции

Стабилизатор на образаНе


Тип на дисплеяЦветен дисплей
Размер на дисплея2.7 inch
Въртящ екранНе

Съвместими карти памет

Secure DigitalНе
Memory Stick Pro DuoНе
Memory Stick MicroНе


HDMI изводНе
AV изводНе


Размер на камерата90.5 x 49 x 32.7 мм
Тегло на камерата120 г

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2.7 Inch Touch Screen

Offers true ease of use: intuitive and user friendly

Extreme HD recording

with the latest H. 264 technology for high quality videos at a smaller file size

Integrated WIFI

easily send your videos to your smartphone for back up, or share your experiences on Facebook via the MiVue app.

Safety Camera Warnings

Free safety camera data with monthly updates for the lifetime of your device, so you'll always know where to drive extra carefully*

*Excludes France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Safety camera updates for the lifetime of your device.

GPS Tracking

automatically records your driving information, including speed, altitude, longitude, latitude and heading

Wide Viewing Angle

140° wide-angle lens to capture every detail at critical moments

Bright F1.8 lens

This results in brighter and clearer videos, even in low light conditions.

3-Axis G-Sensor

When the G-sensor detects sudden motion, MiVue will save and lock the event recording to protect it from being deleted/overwritten. The integrated 3-axis Sensor records G-forces, which show the direction and force of accident impacts.

Rotating Mount Design

Mount is easily rotated to any desired angle for video evidence collection

Parking Mode

motion detection activates and records from a parked car with no driver present*

*Requires constant power supply accessory Smartbox, available separately.

Switch to photo mode

Use the dash cam as a camera for close-up accident evidence collection. The pictures include your GPS coordinates, so you know the exact location of what happened

Speed Alarm

offers a sound alert if you go over the speed limit

Event recording mode

Record critical moments with the Event Recording Mode. When the 3-axis G-Ssensor detects an event of sudden changes in motion, MiVue instantly saves a protected files for future analysis.

Auto power on

The MiVue 658 WIFI starts recording when you turn the key to start your car. You can even choose to have the device always on recording, which is possible in vehicles with constant power supplies.

MiVue Manager

Intuitive interface allows you to browse recorded videos with speed control. Records your driving directions with a 3-axis G-Sensor for post accident analysis. Combine videos and share them to social media sites like YouTube & Facebook®. Track your routes with the GPS receiver. Play video with tracks on Google Maps.

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